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In our classes students have the student work book. Most activities are used as an introduction to the topic as we want our students to investigate first so we then have something to talk about. We usually do these in class so that we can help when students run into difficulties but more importantly so they can help each other. The quality of conversation during these lessons is clear evidence of the learning students are doing. For class discussion we use the electronic copy displayed through the projector.

Our best students are fluent and flexible in their use of CAS. They have used the technology to grow their understanding of the course content and use the technology as a tool to do mathematics. Last  week in wrapping up the Year 12 Specialist course students were doing oral presentations on past, end of exam style questions. One student chose to use the ClassPad emulator to explain the solution. The elegance and clarity of his presentation was stunning and was more efficient than my solution.

We also find that we are rarely under time pressure to get through the course, a common observation from colleagues in other schools, and yet our Year 12 results continue to be strong. We surmise that this is the result of integrating the technology into our everyday practice as well as an emphasis on solving fewer but more challenging problems.

It does take some time for students to appreciate that reading  and following the instructions will almost certainly lead to a successful learning experience and that the learning notes are a great place to check if things are not working as expected. Once appreciated the resources contribute positively to the class atmosphere.

Ian Sheppard & Andrew Pateman,  October 2014.

Using technology to support mathematics learning