Here you will find a range of activities to support mathematics learning in Years 11 and 12 that use CAS technology on Casio’s ClassPad II.  The activities are available electronically from this site for subscribers. Printed copies of Student books  for Year 11 and 12 (of the Australian Curriculum: Senior secondary Mathematics) are  available for purchase.

Purchase a subscription or renew an existing subscription to access the available resources or purchase hard copies of student books.

The books are:

  • intended as student books
  • written from the perspective “How can the technology help students explore/learn the maths”
  • unlike a textbook in that they do not cover the whole course nor are they restricted to purely course content
  • organised in chapters addressing a topic from the relevant unit of the Australian Curriculum
  • have sequenced activities in the order we would teach them;
  • based on a guided discovery approach, supporting students to discover the mathematics and construct meaning
  • provided with chapter summaries
  • addressed to the student

Using technology to support mathematics learning